What are you waiting for? Just start

The only way to get somewhere is to start

Do you ever wish you could learn to bake treats, identify the birds and trees in your neighborhood, replace a harmful habit with a beneficial one?

There is a shortcut you can take toward all of these goals–and to every goal!


Yes, it’s that simple. We might think we need to learn every tree and every bird call before we venture out and try. Perfectionist thinking. We feel embarrassed or ashamed to fail.

Failure? If we started with one bird–the one whose pretty song inspired us to learn more–and learn what it’s called, then we’ve started! At our own pace, we can learn another and another.

If we want to drink fewer sugary sodas, can we stop? Can we drink carbonated, calorie-free water instead? What if we go four days without a sugary soda and then drink one? Are we a failure? Let’s say we are not. Let’s say that four days without a sugary drink were a new and valuable achievement.

And if we value the goal and get off-track, the best time to resume the goal is as soon as we realize we’re off-track.


If we go three more days without a sugared soda, then we achieved our goal seven out of eight days. That kind of success percentage would get you into the weather forecaster hall of fame, baseball hitter hall of fame, and is more successful than if you’d never started!

Write down a few goals. Maybe we’ve been putting off talking to the doctor about exercises to help our posture. Let’s call the doctor and ask about it, or send a written message.


Once she gives us information, we’ll use it to schedule physical therapy or start those exercises. What we won’t do is make another excuse involving perfectionism and failure.

We must start in order to succeed. One day of doing leads to two, and before we know it, we’re on a roll.

Ready? Set. Start.

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