Poetry Art: smash and assemble (with instructions)

A shaking leg

A quivering voice

These are

Sure signs

Of bravery

Below are the steps to make this project, followed by a short video link that documents its creation:

1. Wrote an original poem in permanent marker on a ceramic salad plate

2. Put the plate in a gallon-size zipper bag

3. Dropped the plate flat on newspaper on tile floor (garage or driveway would also have worked

4. Reassembled words of poem (additional plate smashing may be necessary)

5. Inset pieces of plate poem into clay at least 1/4-inch thick

6. Wrapped edges of clay over sharp edges of broken plate

7. Placed clay to dry on newspaper according to clay’s directions (2-3 days)

8. Displayed art on sturdy easel

Thanks to KenKen for the project concept.


7 thoughts on “Poetry Art: smash and assemble (with instructions)

      1. I just saw the video too. πŸ’•

        “A shaking leg, a quivering voice” (I can feel that it’s so true) “These are a sure sign of bravery.”

        You are working very hard to find your center and your voice. Together, you are strong, brave, intuitive, creative, common sense and reasoning smart.

        We think you are connected to the earth and the stars, and yous are finding your balance.

        Something I just thought about was the clay that is holding all the pieces together is seen in this piece as an active participant. Like, you all are finding the space between you and filling it in to connect you to each other.

        I love this.

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  1. Hey! Just another thought looking at the art. All the words are different colors and there are different colored painting on the plate red/black and the light and dark blues, and the clay was from the young ones (?). All of yous did this? yes? Working together very hard and playful too. Love love this. πŸ’•


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