2 thoughts on “Frustrating attempts to get warring factions to communicate (no, this is not about politics)

  1. We love you. No judgement. You are working so hard! I am in awe. Please take care of yous. Gentle. Kind. Understanding.

    Do you know the “Cherokee Story”? I’m not sure if the idea of it would help but it talks about a “war” going on inside all of us between opposing forces. The supposed ending says something like; “The boy asked his grandfather which wolf will win? And the grandfather replied ‘The one you feed’. ” But the ending of the story is more elaborate and says “If you feed them both, everybody wins.” The ‘white wolf’, the ‘black wolf’ need each other because both have attributes the other one does not and needs.

    I will post on my blog the entire story. Maybe the idea of it can be helpful to yous in some way.

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    1. Amazing. You are very insightful. That real story—feed them both—seems like the way of compassion, as opposed to the westernized version of deny/kill what is wrong with you and cling to what is valued, if we’re reading it correctly.

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