The only True You

We all have magic. The way to find yours is to spend time noticing. Avoidance of self and inner-experience is a barrier to being.

Running to the next distraction. Running from the crying child inside your mind. This culture has all the augmented reality and not-you experiences needed to live a life that is devoid of yourself.

The longer you wait to get to know you–how you were unquestioningly programmed by caregivers, media, and culture without your knowledge or consent–the stranger you will be to you when the veil decays.

You’re not trapped. Thirty-year mortgages and leases and debt are not Truth. You can overcome anything to fulfill your life’s destiny, which is to find the True You who is waiting to be befriended.

How would you treat an abandoned and crying child left in the middle of traffic? That is the You inside awaiting your unconditional love.

This reunion will top all the reunions of soldier-parent and child, of tsunami victim and family, of dog lost 2,000 miles from home.

This reunion will afford you the opportunity to unlock the love and acceptance you are pursuing in long hours on social media, in front of others’ stories fictional and real, in shopping and buying, in work and study, in living the life others imagined for you, in dreaming of that which will only delay your true fulfillment in entering the world of your Inner Experience.

A mentor can help you find the True You: a licensed therapist, a meditation teacher, a self-compassion book (anything by Kristin Neff or Chris Germer).

You don’t have to be alone on the journey. Journal about it. Blog about it. Sure it’s personal. It’s the only thing about You that could actually be real! And you can find support on your journey into a future of sunrises tinged with awareness, acceptance, and love.

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