Please don’t kill wolves

If control over gray wolves (aka timber wolves) is returned to the states that don’t currently control them–namely, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin–these states can implement trophy hunting of wolves.

Please don’t kill wolves. They have delicate social structures so that killing an alpha is like killing the sole income-provider of a large family. The family will be destitute. Wolves don’t have life insurance or many rights. Please don’t kill them.

Instead of killing wolves, what if you took their picture instead? To track and scout and photograph a wolf, you could prove your skills.

Other ways you can prove you are strong and skillful are to help solve societal ills, such as childhood poverty and pollution.

Hunting for food makes sense. We don’t oppose that. People in these states don’t typically eat dogs.

Ranchers don’t like when wolves kill their livestock. That makes sense. It rarely happens, and most states compensate ranchers when it happens. That makes sense.

Ranchers will also tell you their livestock don’t eat as much when they are nervous about being in the presence of wolves. Thinner livestock means less money. What these ranchers might not say is that their cattle have been domesticated so that they are easy prey. There are cattle that are bred that retain their wildness and co-exist with wolves.

Cooperation is required to preserve species. Give and take. Ranchers are important. They keep much land wild that might otherwise be subdivided for development. They love nature.

We must work together–ranchers, trophy hunters, wolf advocates, and policy makers–to co-exist.

Please don’t hunt wolves. They help control deer and elk populations. They are the fathers and mothers of your pet dogs. Think of wolves as Earth’s dogs. Please don’t kill her dogs.

This is the first wolf we ever saw. It still fills us with awe and appreciation. Please don’t kill wolves.

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