The practice is to be human

We injured ourselves again via inattention. Walked home from mental health therapy without being grounded in our body.

A child operating a heavy machine. Twist. Foot ligaments damaged again.

This is our most common injury: twisting foot ligaments. Two years ago we injured the left foot at least 5 times. We strengthened both feet’s ligaments in the ensuing year, and now we’re starting this spring season with an injury to the right.

So rehab on the foot begins. And rehab on the mind, on awareness, on consciousness. They are all connected. We are all connected. Can you feel the pain of our foot? Can we feel your joy of playing with your pet?

Conditioning of mind for our survival–for decades–was disconnection from reality, of mind from body, of mind from itself.

Now we seek to connect in healthful ways.

The universe teaches us through our injuries how to practice the sky-like nature of consciousness to see the wholeness of existence.

And the universe teaches us sensory impressions, including emotions; the conscious experiences of them; and our mind states. All of these arising under context and dissolving if we let them.

It’s when we don’t let go of impermanent experiences that we suffer out of context. Our foot hurts. Take medicine, ice it, be patient. When we forget the pain, we may need to remember: we are new at inhabiting this body. Proceed carefully for several weeks. Trust is built over time.

Some things we let go of and some we cling to and some we crave and some we forget. This is being human!

And we’ll make mistakes. Even with practice. Perfection is not the goal and is unattainable.

We are a person, common in suffering. And there are joys sometimes. Even love. We’ll try to pay attention when they arise.

So easy to be imperfect, part of our nature and affirmation of our common humanity. We need not shame ourselves or one another. Instead, let us compassionately acknowledge our common humanity.

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