Intentions project

We wrote 26 different intentions/affirmations on scrap paper and put them in a brown lunch sack.

Each morning, at breakfast, each present member of the family picks an intention. Then, at dinner, we discuss how we did. If we followed through or tried, we praise. If we didn’t try, we still have time before bed if there’s energy. If not, no worries or pressure.

The family thinks it’s fun. We forgot yesterday what we picked. We should write them down each day! The universe rectified the situation by giving us the same intention today that we had (and forgot) yesterday:

Know that you were born innocent and beautiful and you still are!

We needed this today. We had an assessment meeting for a Partial Hospitalization Program that could step down to Intensive Outpatient.

Talking about trauma matter of factly feels degrading. So now we can remember our affirmation. Our angry part is mad at people whose actions caused us to feel shameful, guilty, and disgusting. We are not!

We are innocent and beautiful.

And so are you!

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