Liberation in love

We have a person we want to be friends with. Person replied positively to our text asking if we could be friends. And our few follow-up texts were replied to briefly and with an intention for lengthier connection in the future.

After a week of hearing nothing, we are anxious. And uncertainty is a gift. Since we can’t control outcomes, don’t attach to them. Put good energy out into the world.

Outcomes will occur. You can respond to them with more love. Just don’t attach to the outcome, positive or negative, because you can’t control outcomes.

Do you see the freeing possibility in this? Act with good intention and let the rest sort itself out. You can have feelings about the outcome; just don’t attach to it. Learn, adapt, and keep acting out of love, and your mind will be less troubled. What a simple and beautiful idea.

We have put love out, and one might say we’re vulnerable. Putting love out is brave and kind, so no matter what happens, we can love friend, even if no friendship blossoms.

We were aggregating crumbs from the kitchen table with the ostensible purpose of cleaning them up–until we noticed the face emerging.

Creativity can be a form of love. We present “the crumb face” to you with intentions to lift your spirits and inspire. Whether or not we succeed is not our business. We will continue to put forth love when we can.

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