We are working through the book _The Transformation _ by James Gordon. His Mind-Body solutions to healing trauma were the basis of the last hospitalization program we had in the fall.

We learned that we need our body in order to heal.

Dissociation is disembodiment. It’s a leaving, an abandonment of self. While that saved us from dying from trauma, it is contributing to a slow, steady wilting. We need to rediscover our human body.

We have been meditating now for a little more than a year. We self-destruct regularly. We “forget” some key skills. They are hidden from us by inside Protectors who fear change because they know how to keep us “safe” only in the old ways of youth: dissociation, anger, perfection, control, OCD, self-harm.

So a slow pace and repetition are key for us to accomplish anything. Small, regular steps are our path. The way of the inexorable glacier carving an unmistakable path best viewed from up high and over time.

We are so filled with fear, panic, shame, worry, inferiority, persecution that self-mutilation and worse feel like solutions, too. That is the risk of trying to “go big,” to solve it all at once.

We will be saved by 1,000,000 small acts–not 1 big one. That is the challenge of this path, this glacier, this Transformation.

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