Be incredible for our time

We don’t think we amount to much. We are on government assistance, do not work, we complain a lot, feel persecuted, have many mental diagnoses, live in fear.

We went to dinner with Spouse last night. This is brave for us. Our food was awful. Really bad. We couldn’t eat it. We didn’t complain so much as describe to the server the blandness of the food. Even as we speak it, we feel, “Maybe it’s us. We’re the bland ones.”

Then we forgot our winter gloves in the restaurant. Spouse, blessed, retriever them for us. They had fallen on the floor, were covered in detritus. Vile. Spouse carried them to us in the car.

We feel like these gloves.

And this isn’t the end of the story.

There is much that we do not choose to do or are unable to do. This does not mean we can do nothing.

We can stand for things. Have thoughts. Make choices that reflect our values.

Life is complicated. It’s not about good people and bad people. It is about people, who make a mix of wise/healthy and unwise/unhealthy decisions for themselves and others. Some/Most/All choices have unintended consequences, too.

It’s the stories we tell that try to simplify the complex. We do a disservice when we simplify reality.

For example, in the USA, “Remember the Alamo,” was/is a slogan that can evoke the Texas independent spirit. In reality, some of the Texans defending the Alamo owned slaves, and three slaves were in the Alamo during the battle. Since Mexico, a new nation, has abolished slavery, they freed the two slaves still alive when they defeated the Texans.

Yes, Mexico “owned” and fought to retain Texas. And they abolished slavery 40 years before the USA. Who has the moral high-ground? Complicated. Depends which side of the Alamo you were on, which issues matter to you. Even this depiction of the Alamo is too limited.

One dozen of the first 17 US presidents owned slaves. That means five did not!

It’s those five we can look at and see how to make choices that represent our values.

At our house, we represented our stance on a divisive voter-determined social issue with a lawn sign (and a vote) A neighbor told us they didn’t have the bravery to put up a sign. We do not want to be afraid of our values.

Older Child inspired us to reduce our use of disposable plastic water bottles. Start composting. Build a pond so birds and other wild animals can drink (during the 15 days per year when it isn’t frozen 🥶🤬😂).

We can do more. Live intentionally.

We don’t have to have the same values you have or that our neighbors have. We don’t have to convince anyone. We can live our values and lead by example. And respect others’ choices. We can make a difference with our choices, how we raise our Children, how we earn our money, what we do with our money.

Wake up, Sleepy. It is time to be incredible for our time.

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