Always falling into both

In quantum physics, it is our understanding that a particle can theoretically be in two places at the same time. Maybe it has to be in both places at once.

However, when the phenomenon is observed (ie measured), the particle is in only one position.

Does the perceiving spoil the reality? Can we only be satisfied with what we are able to measure? That seems very human. Very scientific.

Science is only as effective at explaining as the tools we develop. We use our understanding. There is much we don’t understand.

We relate to being in two places at once: pleasure and pain. We have lived at the nexus. Forever falling into both. Only arriving at either when wet must perceive, measure. And then always finding ourselves in pain.

Is it a parlor trick?

It was. There was a perpetrator and a victim. We do not need punishment. For us or for the perp. Let’s use new language. We were the child. The other person was in charge. Neither person needs to be punished.

Life is its own punishment. And reward.

We long for a superhero that liberates the perpetrator. Sets her free. Not punishes. Loves. Understands. Empowers. Trusts. Knowing that we will all fall because we are human. Always falling into both. No need to measure

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