What change feels like

We are practicing in therapy sitting with and surviving distressing emotions. Five days. Five therapy appointments. Four consecutive days of distress. (Mondays are usually just committing up the weekend.)

Change feels like getting ill. Like influenza. People often recover from influenza. We have.

DID Trauma therapist says, “What if more resourced parts of you give choices. The Protectors can still choose among them. And they will have more than their usual two choices.”

This is chaos. Mayhem. Tumult. Influenza. Change proposal.

More choices: The gateway to paralysis. Two choices? Too simple. More choices? Overwhelming.

What if we add just one or two choices? What if we wrote down our choices? Pro-Con list or vote on narrowing down our choices. Basic majority or ranked choices (lol and seriously)?

All things to consider.

Readers, how do you get more choices than the basic dualities of this or not-this? How do you get more choices without getting overwhelmed? Local hardware store is often sufficient. Home Depot is overwhelming.

Right now we are obtaining life’s essentials from a lemonade stand. We need to upgrade to a corner hardware store.

KenKen, are you out there? This is your specialty!!

8 thoughts on “What change feels like

  1. Maybe one extra choice could be an in-the-middle choice. You’re already going to the lemonade stand, and that’s an in-the-middle between staying home vs going to the local hardware store. Going to Home Depot now is too big a step from the lemonade stand, but moving up to the hardware store is an in-the-middle option.

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    1. Brilliant. Add a choice. Start small. Internally, not sure yet how to generate/regulate who gets to contribute the choice. Maybe we’ll take turns based on who feel strongly about participating or who has resources to contribute when it’s hard.

      Thanks, Ash!!! 🛠 #toolkit

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    2. Ashley, we actually did this! Last night we had a fit. We were asked not to appear in public on our terms (appearance). We felt we would go our way or not go.

      We knew the situation was happening—the hardware store. We asked inside if someone could try another option. SJ said she would try. She was sad and was still the only one who could help. It was less than ideal and it worked. We were effective. Thanks for gggrrreeeaaattt help!! ❤️💕❤️💕xo

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