Take your time

“…take your time. Those three words give you the power to come from a spirituality of your own choosing, not the one you were programmed for… It’s critical for me to be able to slow down, take my time, to come from an energy I choose, the one I believe that we were meant to come from, not the one I was programmed into.”

–Marshall Rosenberg, _Living Nonviolent Communication _

7 thoughts on “Take your time

  1. Great quote. I’ve been chewing on certain spiritual concepts. I left my religion in a hurry, ejecting all the toxicity… And ejected all other forms of ritualised religion and spirituality. It was necessary. After years away, I’m circling back, exploring. Taking my time. Nature, the movement of my body, the night sky, that’s spiritual too, for me.

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    1. So genuine! When you choose for yourself, you choose what feels magical, inspiring. That is beautiful! Thank you for sharing

      A recent study showed religious texts (bibles, etc.) were originally intended to be sunny and chanted, so religious worship used to be more musical 🎶

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      1. Huh, I never knew religious texts tended to be chanted! Some time back, my UU group had a Ba’hai speaker come in. It was pretty interesting as it’s one of the comparatively “newer” religions. Founded in 1844.

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        1. We used to go to UU. Spouse and Younger Child still do. The Reverend comes to hang out just the two of us because she cares 💕.

          We stopped going because we think “all are welcome” really means “all who think like we do are welcome.”

          What is Ba’hai like?

          Here’s a quote we read today coincidentally. Joseph Campbell, after studying comparative religion and mythology for more than forty years, concluded:

          “…after all my research, it’s amazing that all religions are saying the same thing: don’t do anything that isn’t playful.”

          He also said, “Follow your bliss.“

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          1. Ba’hai claims all the religions in the world are different messages at different times from the same 1 god. Like software updates to humanity.

            My UU group loved the similarities between Ba’haism and Unitarian Universalism, but of course, they have their darkness, hidden controversies too.

            Tbh I don’t like religions because a lot of them seek to make new followers (however peacefully), including Ba’haism, UU, and Buddhism.
            (Buddhism being a religion which a lot of white Western people seem to admire, when it’s not as….universally good as it seems to be… I’m pretty sure I’ll find similar in UU.)

            I like that Campell quote!

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            1. Your thoughts on religion are very interesting to us. The common denominator for us is that people don’t articulate what is “holy” very effectively through action: war, sex abuse, greed, power. All from religions!! Very human attributes, which proves that humans are humans the world over, always . Doesn’t mean we cannot aspire to more. Practice. Just doesn’t predict well for institutions, wethinks

              Fun talk!!

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              1. Yes, you’re very right. People talk a lot about holiness but aren’t really good at showing it. I think people do want to aspire to be better, but I don’t believe one needs a faith or religious practice for that. Or even spirituality, though many do benefit from their own personal spiritual practices. For example, I identify as a secular humanist, and focus on feeling connected to common humanity, and someone ELSE who identifies as such will have their own practices.

                As for institutes, I believe the more powerful the organization, the bigger the potential for betrayal trauma within it.

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