Bravery of isolation in teletherapy

T-3 is back in town. We’ll meet online for now. Same with other Ts. We had our first online therapy session a few days ago. Not having physical connection provided some benefits/gifts we would not have known about without having tried it and being mindful of it:

With T-1, we were able to bring up boundaries and talk about them most of the session. T-1 didn’t seem as imposing on a small screen in front of us. So physical distance increased our bravery. We were also less diminished by having a human body. Not sure how to elaborate on that except to say less shame when we feel like we take up less space.

Maybe being in our own energetic space (our home) also influences it. Home teams often perform better in sports. Not that we are competitors in therapy, and if the face-to-face sessions were held at our home, how much braver we could be since the social anxiety components are stifled to some extent for us. We know Ts and we know our house, so therapy at home has potential benefits to explore.

4 thoughts on “Bravery of isolation in teletherapy

  1. Great that you took the step. I declined the offer because I thought it would be too weird to have my therapist in my very safe space. But after reading your post I can definitely see the positives.

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