Being there for one another

T-3 asked us to write in a blog post some of what we said to T-3 in teletherapy today. We said that we wish that health organizations, whose mission is to protect lives, would use a language of unity, compassion, and mutual support and not language of violence and war.

If people can social distance as a precaution as requested by WHO and governments, it would be a gift.

This is a time when we can show unity and support for all people! Many people are scared. That makes sense. If we can find ways to love each other right now that are not our usual ways, we can all feel supported, and we can have fun doing it, too. We have seen people post pictures in their windows and online. People are sharing resources. People are checking in on one another.

This makes us feel connected! This helps us stay calm and feel held.

What can help you feel held right now? What are your needs? This is a safe place to say what they are. People here have been very loving and supportive.

There is enough love for everyone! There is no shortage of love!

11 thoughts on “Being there for one another

  1. Thank you for this. There is more than enough love…
    I’ve been thinking a lot about vulnerability lately. Sometimes when people feel vulnerable they turn away from love instead of towards it. So what I think I want is more vulnerability around me instead of less. Make sense?

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    1. We asked a therapist recently for a hug. T said, “No hug for you right now.” We could easily move to shut that T out. We could be grumpy to other people, too. It might feel safer. It won’t help us feel loved and connected to shut out love! So we are still trying to stay open. Is this what you mean?

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  2. We will get through this together as collective humanity. It’s hard to stay “home” in the flat that is not a home for me. But I have my room, and haven’t been called names in some time. And I can stay in touch with friends such as yous through the internet.

    Like the book we both read “The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse”:
    1) “Everyone is a bit scared,” said the horse. “But we are less scared together.”
    2) “Always remember you matter, you’re important and you are loved, and that you bring to this world things that no one else can.”
    3) “Sometimes all you hear about is the hate, but there is more love in this world than you could possibly imagine.”

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    1. Yay! We are friends!
      You deserve to not be called hurtful names. We will call you Friend.
      We are in this together

      These might be the best words ever: “there is more love in this world than you could possibly imagine.”

      Love! Love! Love! 💕❤️💕

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      1. Love right back at yous ❤ Indeed, we're in this together and I think the one "positive" of the pandemic is people are seeing the inequalities in society and are motivated to build a more equitable world ❤

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