End punishment

Somebody left our body and noticed we were lost in delusion. They came back in and invited us into the actual world.

The actual world scares us. So we make other worlds. In these other worlds, we are usually being hurt. Usually emotionally.

The premises are:

  • Predictability is best
  • We should suffer

These are easy and familiar suppositions for us to support. We look for confirmation bias that we suck. Since we are human—imperfect—it’s Easy to make ourselves feel shame

Therapists and emotionally adapted folks point out that our Littles have suffered enough. Why keep punishing them?

Well, who do you think runs the delusions? Littles!

They internalized these messages

So anyone inside and outside our body who wants to help them tries to challenge and overturn the negative core beliefs that we should suffer and that unpredictable life is too dangerous

Therapy is disrupted right now. Teletherapy is not advancing our goals. So we need new ways to try to stay out of delusion, stay in the actual world, and challenge old ways of thinking

Evidence that we should Not suffer anymore: we did our best as Child, adolescent, and adult. Intentionally causing someone to suffer is violence, punishment. We want to be nonviolent to us and to others even imperfectly

This is a pretty flimsy case so far. House of cards.

Okay, do you believe there are people who deserve to be punished? We want there to be no “bad” people because we think we’d be one of them

But most of the trauma was done TO you. Being treated violently isn’t proof that you deserve it

It’s just easier this way. To let it happen. To accept the punches

Easier isn’t healthier. Just keep trying. Don’t quit

And we’ll leave it there for now

14 thoughts on “End punishment

    1. I loved that line too. I’m glad you’re trying to be kind to yourself. And that you’re listening to the part of you that knows you deserve love and okayness. You’re worth it… 🦜🐤🐦
      Love, light, and glitter 💕

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        1. You are worthy of love and care. From yourself and from those around you. If others don’t show it to you it is not a reflection of you or because you deserve it. It is either because they aren’t worthy of being in your life or unintentional bringing it on which they shouldn’t act on. You are worthy. You are precious. Just coz you exist. I believe in the energy and consciousness of the world and believe we are all a part of that energy. Which translates into you being a part of love and light. You are deserving. And I hope and pray that one day you know it and can find safety within yourself and the world (I had to get dome safety externally before being able to access any internal safety).
          Ps. Random and shouldn’t jump like this, my friend loves nonviolent communication.

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            1. I know. And I really believe you will get there. You are a part of the light and are worthy whether you know it or not.
              Sending hugs and crows and dolphins…

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    2. Thank you. We think society and our religion made us feel that if we suffered, we must have deserved it. Especially so much suffering from caregivers. Police tried and failed to help us. Kid logic: we must be bad

      It’s hard to step outside our education and socialization to look for Truth

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    1. Society (governments, economies, media, religion, justice systems) maybe feeds those messages. All of these institutions have a language, representative of systems of reward and punishment, of judgment of good/bad, right/wrong. Whom does this language serve? And why?

      We used to care about these questions. AJ was full-tilt deconstructive of systems of oppression.

      Maybe along the way, we became part of the systems of oppression, if there are any

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