Cultivating Love

When we feel Love, it is as if our heart wants to touch other hearts. It is a desire to spread inclusion, welcoming, acceptance, celebration, peace, equanimity

This is not romantic love, though it is definitely a gateway and so we have to be careful. We were sexually abused and so we have shame about sexuality.

This Love we are sharing is non-threatening. No strings attached. No expectations. Just an invitation

You are allowed to do anything you want with this Love: decline it, accept it, wrap yourself in it, regift it, take a bite and pass it on, do nothing. We ask that you do no harm with it.

If it moves you to romance with self or willing partner(s) able to consent, celebrate as you will!

If it makes you want to cuddle safely furry friends or a stuffie or blanket, then express that way

Letting Love Lead is about allowing yourself to be vulnerable, which is also called being open to experience

We won’t always receive reciprocal love. We are humans. We will get hurt sometimes. And we can choose to love some more

We want Love to continue to be part of who we are. This is why we are trying to share it with you

7 thoughts on “Cultivating Love

  1. Reblogged this on Growing Into Myself and commented:
    Upon reflection… I can wrap myself with that platonic love, let it spread and settle my worried heart. And then I can share that gift of love, alongside my own gift of love onwards.

    So to each of you here and elsewhere:
    May you be safe, may you be free from pain, may you be healthy, may you live with ease, well-being and happiness.

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