New therapy, same as the old therapy

We sat in our car next to T-3, who sat in a different car, and, as weather was nice, we had our windows down and held therapy that way in T-3’s parking lot

It felt like being near T-3. It felt like therapy

So now our body and mind are wondering if we want to “restart” therapy. That means we feel like we haven’t had therapy since shelter-in-place began

Open up the pain that is being contained by old ways of coping or just keep it contained until the next breakdown?

That could come anyway. We are having high SI

Our body is vibrating and perfectionism OCD is so overwhelming that we feel paralyzed to do ordinary tasks

We feel fear

Is our relief? Is it dread?

If we can get to Now, labels won’t matter. “Unpleasant” will suffice

If we can take one breath, there is no “What should we do?”

Keep simply breathing

Be supported by the couch

No past. No future. Only now. Hungry for dinner. Sore shoulders. Northern Cardinal is Singing. So is American Goldfinch.

Older Child’s voice from basement.

Rest now

Only now

13 thoughts on “New therapy, same as the old therapy

  1. There is only this moment in time…
    I’m glad you had therapy today. 🐦
    If you can continue with being in your cars it’s a possibility…
    Sending hugs and sunshine
    Love, light and glitter 💕🐬

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  2. That’s really great that you were able to work out a way to still feel close to T-3 during therapy. I’m sorry that it hasn’t felt like real therapy before. 😦
    I’m sorry you’re struggling 😦 ❤ I've been feeling a lot of fear, too. It's hard. Breathing is good.

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