Love is the best we can do

Love is probably the best we can do

In general

We like our thinky brain. We use it. It will help on this journey. And our feeling brain is probably where we need to heal and grow and experience life

We live our life in fear. So moving to a point where we can ever let love lead is the most fulfilling goal we can imagine

Not perfection. Just ever leading with love instead of fear will be joyous, a cause for celebration

Love of self may be the most impactful recipient of our love. This is the hardest person to love

Yous been through a lot, selves. It is hard to trust us, same as we feel about everyone. We are suspicious

So acts of love, even tiny ones, will contribute to healing. We feel we wrote about this years ago on this blog. Sounds familiar. Resonates

Eat enough food to stop the dizzies please, for us

Take enough medication to calm delusions and whirring cycles of mangled obsessions

Take rest periods—and instruct family not to disturb you. Use this time to meditate, find out how you feel and what you sense. Becalm yourselves as best you can

Like T-1 would tell you: start anytime. No preconditions. Love is in there. It’s natural. It might be with, or come from, the native plant that is the source of our energy. It is inexhaustible

4 thoughts on “Love is the best we can do

    1. Amazing. Great idea for us to try to notice our easiest inroad. Sometimes when we do metta meditation we cry because someone inside hears nice words directed at us ❤️❤️❤️🐬🐦

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