Compassion for change

Maybe take in a deep breath

Maybe let it out slowly

Maybe repeat this a few times.

Maybe sigh if it feels like a release

Can we have compassion for ourselves to start? For how we were raised, for what we believed, for questions asked and unasked?

Now can we have compassion for those we think or thought were different than we?

We have much work to do

And maybe inside ourselves is a place we can not neglect

Not just our intellectual mind. Our beliefs, our energy to be

Instead of tuning out when we feel overwhelmed by the challenges, maybe tune in to ourself

Offer compassion

Restore our ability to connect at the deepest level of love—maybe use our human needs as a guide

Prepare our senses: Prepare to listen with compassion. Prepare to ask difficult (at first) questions. Prepare to be vulnerable, to hear unpleasant (at first ) gifts and then realize they are gifts.

Prepare to offer compassion to self and others. This practice will help us as we navigate change

One thought on “Compassion for change

  1. I was on the phone to someone who does energy work when she said this to me. I didn’t understand her then. I thought she was weird when she said she felt compassion for the 9 year old E. Yup. Compassion is so important. As is breathing…
    Love, light and glitter

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