Learning to live with DID— again

Since we started weaning off meds, we have been dizzy and nauseous hourly. No abatement. Hunger—even a little—exacerbates the sickness.

Now that we know that, we are trying to nip it in the bud as it intensifies. Eat as healthfully as we can.

We used to have this level of vertigo, before our DID diagnosis. Could the spinning world mean inside people are competing for time up front? So much thinking.

The meds kept Little people drugged. They are small people and the meds really impacted them. Now that they can communicate again, they seem very displeased.

And our mind does not remember how to respond to the inside voices. We need therapeutic help. T-2 is a DID expert, so if we can get the fortitude to speak our truth, we can seek counsel.

Barrier: those inside Littles do not agree with one another and some Littles are being censored by other Littles. Silencing occurs with ears ringing, thoughts disrupted, more nausea, and voice gone.

Happened today when someone tried to talk to Spouse about our struggles.

So we will try to take our time.

All Littles matter. Whether they are being heard now or not, are censoring others or not—they matter. They have been traumatized in this life—and recently drugged.

We will try to start learning again how to cooperate inside. We have never excelled at it. Some DID folks are adept at hearing and being who most needs to be heard or needs to front.

We are not very functional in that regard. And we can try to take our time and rewrite that assessment.

Hospitals are not often adept at DID treatment. An exception is a hospital we have visited 3 times, but it is 1,000 miles away.

How do we get there? Is it safe to be there with COVID? We made our goal to support our family. Is this how we help them?

12 thoughts on “Learning to live with DID— again

  1. Sending hugs…
    Maybe supporting your family is going there although a thousand miles away, and even with covid around. When you give to yourself you can give to others. By others I mean the littles too…
    You can’t have learnt to communicate well with them and handle it, if you haven’t done so but used medication as silence.
    Sending hugs and strength… and serenity… 🐦🦋🐬💕

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  2. Sending hugs. Some friends of mine who have OSDD or DID find this book useful: Coping with Trauma-Related Dissociation: Skills Training for Patients and Therapists

    All of you inside need to be seen and heard and learn to trust and cooperate with each other. All of you are part of a team ❤

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