Doomsday scenarios

COVID is raging in the US. Our local schools reverted to all distance learning this week with no notice. The schools aren’t transmitting infection; the community is. But so many students and staff are getting COVID (from community activities, such as restaurants and social gatherings) that contact tracing is becoming too big a job for employees.

Younger Child wasn’t attending school. But the hospital program YC was attending also is going to distance model.

It is not ideal for YC to have us be in close proximity 24 hours per day—and vice versa

Effective immediately, that is essentially our reality. And Older Child will be home in fewer than two weeks from university.

It’s winter. Cold. We will try to get outside with Older Child. Go birding and snow hiking.

Infection rates are so high the hospitals are full. We still social distance. But we are terrified beyond expression that Ts will stop meeting in person.

We hope they know how crucial in-person is for us.

5 thoughts on “Doomsday scenarios

    1. Thank you. We wait for danger. Tonight our Governor announced that restaurants and gyms must close. Our hospitals are full and healthcare workers are getting sick. We are in the heart of the pandemic right now here.

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