Messy life (redundant)

Older Child returned to college yesterday. We are bewildered and morose, funereal, weepy.

First Covid case in our extended family, a niece. She and her friends tested (negative) before going to a resort together. Niece is the only one so far with Covid. So far very sore throat, taste and smell gone, fever. We hardly know this person but still wish her quick healing and protection for her family.

Moral: negative tests do not make travel or unmasked socializing safe.

Please, Older Child, don’t get Covid.

We see New T unmasked now. We don’t care if we get Covid but don’t want to infect our family maybe should wear masks

Mom’s lung cancer is back. Tests this week to determine course of treatment. Had fluid in the lung recently that they said was her heart. Unclear if it was heart. We are not speaking to parents or sibling about this stuff. Spouse is handling all communications.

Younger Child opened up to us in the middle of the night about ED. Also opened up today about school. We feel closer, since the information meets our need for perspective, knowledge, and partnership. We offered to help if YC wants help.

Life is an un-choreographed, mixed media live show: dancing and singing and performing and fishing and puking all while the set is being built loudly and people are shitting on stage; and making love; and fighting; and conducting psychotherapy.

We are keeping it inside except at therapy. We have trouble speaking words about it.

5 thoughts on “Messy life (redundant)

  1. Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear about your niece and mom. I hope they both feel better. Sounds like lots of stuff is going on right now!

    That’s good info to know, that negative tests don’t mean you won’t get or spread it.

    I always get really sad when I have to part ways with my family, like if I’m leaving to go to college, or someone is going on a trip.

    I like your unchoreographed description! That’s a lot to hold inside. I’m glad you can talk about it in therapy

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