Limbo: mental health provider shortage

IOP hospital wants to discharge Younger Child but Outpatient Hospital will not accept YC because they say YC is too sick. Not sick enough for Provider A and too sick for Provider B. Sounds like Goldilocks.

So Provider A referred us to yet another potential provider. They have a 16-week waitlist for Eating Disorders treatment! It took us 2 months to get to the front of Provider B’s queue so that they could decline to provide services.

Mental illness must be peaking due to pandemic. For young people, this is a crisis. They can’t stop developing. They lack the coping skills to get by. Suffering will increase. Lives are at risk.

Our family feels like a hot potato: no one wants to hold us and help us. We feel that way in our personal care journey, and we feel that way about how the system is (not) providing for Younger Child

We have a backup plan, thanks to our distrust: we have individual providers set up to support Younger Child, just not optimally.

We are grateful that Get It Done made this happen. Younger Child will not be without any care.

Time to count blessings and settle for less. We must survive pandemic and hope for more complete healing—for everyone—in the future. For now, we will try to roll up sleeves and do what we all can.

2 thoughts on “Limbo: mental health provider shortage

  1. Oh no, that’s so frustrating! It sounds like provider A and provider B should talk to each other.

    I like that you have a back up plan. That’s smart. I think the system is sometimes helpful, but it’s probably not good to 100% count on it. Not good to put all the eggs in one basket.

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