Goodbye, that life

Goodbye! You know you’re our best friend because we tell you that and you tell us that

We appreciated your honesty this past week. We tried to be empathetic but often felt overwhelmed and wanted to fix it.

We think you’ll get into a routine and find joy with your friends.

Life won’t get easier, though. You will have to change if you want a different relationship to stress, events, expectations, extrinsic pressure, everything

Now that you’re gone for ten weeks, for the first time in more than twenty years, we aren’t parenting children in the house

What will this mean for us? What will this mean for our inside people? our marriage, our time usage, our choices, our purpose?

We can try to wait and see. We might fall apart quickly or soar to new heights. We might go to the hospital or try new techniques at home

We walked the yard tonight to let nature help us, but a fucking rabbit bolted from a hiding place and triggered hypervigilance. Now we’re stressed and sad and mad and activated.

AJ can ask for our blood but we will try to feel our feelings instead. Try to ride it out instead.

DJ’s and Little’s depression and lethargy will compete with rabbit-activated impulses

Come back to note. Just our breath. Sit and be. Hear sounds. Smell the candle you lit. Don’t strive. Let’s feelings come and go

Take your time


Don’t ensure suffering please

3 thoughts on “Goodbye, that life

  1. Riding the wave is one of the hardest skills.

    I relate to getting startled by animals outside. I try to calm myself down by remembering that I am a human, and they are probably more scared of me than I am of them. Then I take some deep breaths and kinda shake it off and try to walk in a confident way.

    I hope this transition goes alright for you. Patience and connecting to my values has been helpful for me as I have transitioned from college life to graduated, “adult” life. I just keep trying to take the next best step. Hugs ❤

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