New providers for us

After two months of trying to find a dietician, we saw one for the first time this week! New T found dietician for us. Thank you! Dietician says insurance will probably cover appointments. If not, the clinic will not charge us for the first appointment and we will try to work something out.

It still feels unsettled. Other dieticians would not see us due to our health insurance, which is a private insurance version of our national disability insurance. Providers usually think services won’t be covered and so refuse to see us. This dietician sees clients with our insurance and is a PhD, which makes us feel they have expertise.

As importantly, they were gentle, compassionate, and helpful. We can’t control insurance, so let’s try to allow it to unfold.

This week we were tasked with homework to track hunger cues on a 10-point scale every hour! We set timers on our phone. We don’t usually have hunger cues except not over-hungry or over-hungry. Paying attention makes a difference in what we perceive. It takes a few minutes to percolate up to be noticed. If we rush, we don’t perceive.

Be patient. Allow patterns to emerge over time. We can’t solve problems as fast as we want.

New T is out all this coming week, so we are seeing two different new Ts this week! We meet new people mostly when New T is out of the office! We get to meet someone who uses they/them pronouns. This is a first for us among healthcare providers. We are excited and curious.

We will try to allow life to unfold. We will try to notice our body as assigned. Please be nice to us, insiders. This is new and we need understanding.

5 thoughts on “New providers for us

  1. I look forward to hearing about the experiences with the therapist. I liked the point about patience and relate to the same. I also can’t solve things as fast as I’d like.

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