S p a c e

This is our first chunk of time alone at home in weeks while we have some resources available. Aaahhhh.

We thought we’d have more frequent alone time and have not. Or maybe we did and didn’t have the resources to use it.

We are low on compassion, caring, and high on shame. So we’re trying loving kindness meditation again. Small steps. People are easier for us to care about from afar.

Being with people is draining. We experienced someone’s judgments recently and feel very guarded as a result.

The Nonviolent paradigm in which we want to dwell is not shared by anyone in our life except a therapist or two. And we find dominant culture to contain much violence, competition, and lots of distractions from introspection and authentic connection.

So much is up to us to create. This takes energy. We use lots of energy on OCD, dissociation, hypervigilance, and other stress responses.

Younger Child moves home for the summer in 2 weeks. To meet our needs for space and ease, we also must be effective and supportive. Lots of moving parts. Not as simple with three and then four people. If they all work and leave the home, we can have space.

As the weather warms (snowed yesterday, below freezing right now), we will hope to get outside more.

We found a nature center near NVC therapist’s office. Can we feel safe and resourced enough to visit it?

Our dad gave us his old car (2009, low miles) so that the kids have transportation to work this summer. A basketball hoop blew over in high winds yesterday and dented the car! Trying not to believe in omens.

Trying not to live in the past or future

We will try to risk putting Nonviolent energy out into the world

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