Are You Intensifying Unpleasant Feelings with “The Layer”?

We keep reading in self-help books that "feelings are natural" and "judgments are dangerous." Wait, what's the difference between a feeling and a judgment? Can you have one without the other? We had to have it explained to us repeatedly, and we think we understand! If our boss says in front of coworkers, "I received … Continue reading Are You Intensifying Unpleasant Feelings with “The Layer”?

Engaging Our NOW Senses

Expectations are the enemy of presence. When we have expectations, we see only what we're looking for. In science, that's called confirmation bias. If a researcher is looking to see if kale helps zebras grow longer eyelashes, she might notice something that's not actually there. If we think the lady who lives in the apartment … Continue reading Engaging Our NOW Senses