Petition to sign: Stop environmental-based racial oppression

No matter where you live, your action can help! From the Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy: The East Phillips neighborhood in Minneapolis is one of the most diverse communities in Minnesota. It is also one of the most overburdened by industrial pollution, with some of the worst air quality in the state, leading to high … Continue reading Petition to sign: Stop environmental-based racial oppression

Reparations now

From Black Lives Matter: Structural discrimination will only be fully addressed through reparations. Because for too long, we’ve been forced to face systems of oppression and racial discrimination in every sphere. From Jim Crow policies to the War on Drugs all the way to the present, strategic systemic racism has impacted all Black people in … Continue reading Reparations now

Call to action: petition

The USA needs compassionate first responders trained to deescalate mental health crises so that a call for help doesn’t become a death sentence, as it can especially for people of color. This is a call for reform to public health so that police trained to incarcerate or enact violence are not deployed in mental health … Continue reading Call to action: petition

Fourth of July celebrates violence, genocide

We are in the US living on stolen land from Indigenous peoples. White people stole black and brown people from other lands to be our slaves, killed the Bison, dug up the prairies, cut down the trees, and genocided the original inhabitants of the current USA. The oppression of non-whites continues today, this minute. What … Continue reading Fourth of July celebrates violence, genocide

Mental health disorders and police reform in the US

Being mentally ill or experiencing a mental health crisis can increase your chances of death by police in the US, especially if you do not have access to supportive crisis resources and particularly if you are non-white. As published on The Hill, according to authors of newly proposed US federal legislation, people with untreated mental … Continue reading Mental health disorders and police reform in the US

Updates on life events

Spouse rode along with us to get our second vaccine dose. We recognize that the privileges of technology access, mobility, and family support allowed us to schedule this appointment and drive an hour to a rural pharmacy. Spouse has been reporting vaccine openings on a Facebook group in order to maximize people’s access to information. … Continue reading Updates on life events

White privilege: Established by force. End date TBD

We use we/us pronouns. When trying to grasp the concept of white privilege in the United States and Canada, and even anti-racism as we see it, it might help to consider the colonization of the land and genocide against the indigenous inhabitants. So much of colonial perspective is taken for granted by the colonizer, in … Continue reading White privilege: Established by force. End date TBD