Practice, patience, and repetition

3-day weekends are hard for us. Lots of time around other people.

We and our children are much less effective at night: decision-making poorer, emotional brain overwhelms rational brain. Consequently, at night, little problems seem bigger.

For us, that often leads to nightmares, and then we wake up disoriented. We finally have some alone time, and then we remember our practice, our Truths:

1. Nothing lasts–not this feeling, not this appearance, nothing. Everything is impermanent. Get in the Awareness or suffer from (1) clinging to what is leaving, (2) avoiding what is, and (3) craving what isn’t.

Control is an illusion. We used it to survive abuse and neglect and other trauma. Spikes in OCD and delusion are cues that we feel victimized, small. We are more resourceful now. We have more options than during those traumas. We can–and always do–survive hard times.

3. We are nothing and, thus, everything! There are no true separations, no “us/we.” These are false distinctions society employs. They are notions. We can play along, pay our property taxes; and nothing has to prevent us from feeling the universal connection of being.

4. Magic exists. We unlearn it as we fill our minds with more “sensible” cause-effect science and psychology. And the magic is still available immediately, as is presence, as is remembering that we are nothing and, therefore, have nothing to fear.

5. Life is a dance of improv. Step to the arising and be it. When you’re tired, watch it pass by from a high, quiet vantage. Marvel at its many arisings–so varied, so temporary each one.

6. Birds. For us, birds are music, friends, forces, messengers, nothing, everything. We are all birds and birds are all us.

This is the practice. Always the practice.

2 thoughts on “Practice, patience, and repetition

  1. Truly beautiful. Fly, soar, glide the wind. Yous are survivors. Beautiful in the everything and nothing yous are. There is vast freedom in that. Peace to yous💛💚

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