We must get to compassion

If we cultivate compassion within us, we can learn that our contentment is accessible anywhere and even under difficult circumstances

For this to be true, we must practice states of mind that allow compassion

Honestly, this feels almost impossible for us. Almost. Little wants compassion. So we seek it. Our cup has been empty for so long over life that we are disconnected with how to fill it

This is our present endeavor: to find ways to fill our cup of compassion to share it with self and others.

Trauma patients are often great at taking care of others. Turn toward self. How do we meet our own needs for compassion? It’s not as easy as, “give love, get love.”

There is a blockage. It has been years that we have been on this journey. We do not quit

In our yard is a squirrel whose rear legs do not function. The squirrel drags itself. It can climb the tree to its nest with its front legs. It is strong. Resilient. In grave danger

We haven’t seen it for days, and we know it survives. There are conspicuous tracks in the fresh snow that could be only an animal heavily dragging itself to to the pond to drink.

We must get ourselves to water. Fill our cup. We must

4 thoughts on “We must get to compassion

  1. I found giving myself compassion easiest by writing to myself for it wasn’t the me who needed it writing but a part I never had access to.
    Sending hugs and love


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