If social distancing ends

We have been in COVID long enough for Younger Child to exclaim last week, “I just got upset because the people on the show [“The Office—US version] weren’t social distancing!” We all had a laugh and we were all a little fearful.

In about 90 days, Younger Child has an adapted worldview that now recognizes social distancing as the norm.

Apple has a new Memoji for fall (iOS 14) that wears a face mask.

We got to thinking, for us, not many adaptations from COVID will likely persist into the future. This may be because we were already living a secluded, anti-social life.

Here is what we expect will and will not change if COVID ever retreats so that life goes back to “in-person.”

If social distancing ends (ie kids go to school, Spouse goes to work), here is what we will change:

  • We will go back to seeing therapists in-person if it is allowed. We have posted a zillion times about our distaste for teletherapy.
  • We will try to rebuild our meditation practice by practicing when we are alone.
  • We will consider renewing our quest to find our body and create some mind-body connections.
  • We will consider a hospitalization (partial or in-patient). Our SI is probably a lot higher than we will admit even to ourselves. We are avoiding going now because we want to support our family through this tough time and we don’t want to miss out on bonus time from Older Child’s Being home from college). We may need a skills boost that depends on intensive daily practice.
  • We will not be able to see Older Child daily anymore because college would reopen. Older Child would move out again. We will miss Older Child. We will have to experience the trauma of separation all over again. That alone may require hospital.

If social distancing ends (ie kids go to school, Spouse goes to work), here is what we will not change:

  • Making flour: we have a gluten intolerance, so we used to buy oat flour for baking/cooking. At $6 per bag, it was pricey, so when the food co-op had 2-for-1 sales, weed stock up. Since COVID, to avoid going to the store even monthly, we learned to grind our own flour using oats (the kind you make oatmeal from) and a smoothie maker. We make pancakes every day and occasionally blueberry muffins. This practice will continue afterCOVID since it’s so cost effective and easy. We wear noise canceling headphones because blender noises trigger hypervigilance.
  • We used to be obsessed with germs until we had treatment to alleviate the obsessions. We are not germ-obsessed anymore. COVID hasn’t changed that. We intend to remain unobsessed with germs. We are using hand sanitizer sometimes now (after filling up car with gas). We didn’t use any hand sanitizer for a few years after therapy to stop using it. We may continue to occasionally use it in non-obsessive ways, such as after filling up the gas tank.

What will change or not change for you if social distancing ends? Maybe it already ended where you live.

9 thoughts on “If social distancing ends

    1. We saw our doctor in person last week. They require it for depression screening. They are not seeing physically sick people in person. Office is distanced. Staff is wearing face shields. We had to wear a mask. It was hot. It was a new doctor, too. Our regular doctor got called to active military duty (COVID response), though George Floyd was killed the day after she was called to duty, so not sure where she is/was

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  1. Wow, never thought to make my own flour, during the height of supermarket madness that would have been handy. I hope I get to keep seeing my family as much as I have, been nice having them all home 😊

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