Mom died

Goodbye, mommy! It’s me, Little

I said goodbye to you and then the next day you died. That makes me sad

Tomorrow, you go into the ground. I don’t like that idea. I wish you had done the fire thing instead. But i like that you’re doing what you choose

I asked you if you were scared and you said yes. That made us so sad. Thanks for being honest v I told you i believed you could do this. And you did! You did the hardest thing of all, you said goodbye to life

You said you were going to be sad to miss us all. You said you didn’t see us enough.

I was there to say goodbye.

Hi, mom. It’s DJ. You asked us some hard question but we told you what was authentic for us. And now you’re gone. Hope it made you feel at ease. We really don’t hold grudges. I’m more numb about it. My cheeks burn. Goodbye. You did your best

Im not gonna shovel dirt. I’m gonna throw in flowers, okay?

Bye mama. Hope you are not in pain no more. You were so very brave. We were there as much as we could be

Nothing can be undone so know we did our best, too

I hopes your energy is a big star or a giant thunderstorm in the desert i love you

Bye mom. Sleep tight

You did it. So proud of you

See you in our dreams mom

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