Amazing Love!

When shelter-in-place began, Younger Child began planning.

Younger Child contacted two of Older Child’s best friends and set the plan in motion.

All of the friends had to coordinate schedules because they attend different universities.

The hard part was luring Older Child outside today. It was determined that we would set the bait with a false bird sighting.

Older Child is such a good birder that a Hawk was spotted. Older Child then tried to go inside, and we had to stall.

Finally, the caravan appeared! With Younger Child pointing them out and Spouse and us standing by, eight vehicles filled with 9 of Older Child’s best friends honked their way up the street, windows rolled down and shouting, “Happy birthday!”

Older Child May never have foreseen this celebration, and Older Child will never forget turning 19!

And it is all thanks to the Love Younger Child has and acted on.

We are feeling very moved by Younger Child’s Love, the friends’ Love, and Older Child’s gratitude to all of them.

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